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Information on cuisine

Original set meal and 3 kaiseki meals Enjoy dishes made with ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef

Meals range from the original Okuizumo bento to three kaiseki meals according to your budget.
Using ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef, you can enjoy seasonal dishes that match the season.
We also offer beer and local sake.

In addition, we will respond to customer requests such as celebrations, memorial services, various banquets such as New Year's parties, all-you-can-drink, etc.
We also offer free transportation by bus or wagon.
Please feel free to contact us.
  • Dinner

    For dinner, we mainly use seasonal ingredients and local products.

    The basic charge is 4400 yen, 5500 yen, 6600 yen, and it is also possible to use it for a day lunch.
    ※Advance reservation is required.
  • A dining room

    This is the main venue for meals.
    In addition to one-day lunches, guests can also enjoy dinner and breakfast here.
    For a large number of people, we will prepare it at another venue such as a large hall.
  • An example of a day trip meal

    In addition to the above, there is also a single item menu.
    Kaiseki meals are also available with advance reservations.

    ※For menu details, click on the words "Example of a day meal" above the slide photo.(Links to an external site.)