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[Until the night of August 31]We Love Sanin Campaign

  • We Love Sanin Campaign Target Facilities

    This facility is eligible for the "We Love Sanin Campaign".
    (Only for Sanin residents)
    Period 3/1 to 8/31(Until 9/1 check-out)
    【The re-extension of the period has been decided! 】

    In addition, Shimanekko coupons are distributed only to Shimane residents.

    For details, please check the Shimane Prefecture website of the image link.

About construction in the neighborhood

  • About construction in the neighborhood

    Currently, we are constructing a sabo dam on the mountain next to the cafeteria.
    Please understand that we apologize for any inconvenience caused by noise and construction vehicles during the construction period.

Request for infectious disease prevention

  • Request for infectious disease prevention

    Thank you for your cooperation in hand washing.
    Please sit at intervals between meals.
    Please cooperate in wearing the mask.
    Please cooperate with the temperature measurement when you come to the museum.
    Please let us know if you are not feeling well.
    Please line up at intervals.
    Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection.

Facility Information

  • New hot spring spa

    The nature to watch from here heals the mind and body.
  • Lounge·shop

    We have a lot of local souvenirs and vegetables.
  • Rest rooms

    The break room can also be used for breaks (free of charge) and meetings / training (charged).
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488-1 Takezaki, Okuizumo Town, Nita County, Shimane Prefecture

Telephone number



One and a half hours on National Route 314 from Matsue City and Izumo City

Guests staying at Izumo Yokota Station have a pick-up service
(Advance reservation required)
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